Tools & Metal

Texturing hammers, metal sheets, tools, mandrels, and more are just a few of the Metal Works supplies we offer.

Fun with metals!  That’s our metal motto.  Wander into the wonderful world of metal works at Bead & Body to create that one of a kind favorite.  Not sure where to start?  Talk with Lucy, she’ll get you started along this interesting journey.

Tools are key.  The texturing, ball-peen, and rawhide hammers all have their special purpose in metal works. We also carry high quality pliers, cutters, and other metal working and jewelry making tools. 

Forming metal rings and bracelets around pre-size mandrels make all your pieces consistent and professional. Brass, Nickel (German) silver, and Copper sheets in different gauges and sizes get you started. We also carry doming blocks, Liver of Sulfur, patina polishes, and more.

Stamp your own message and designs with our different metal stamp sets and punch your own disks with disk cutters and hole punches,